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  • What size are your logs?
    The log size is between 6 inches (15 cm) and 12 inches (30 cm) in length.
  • Will you cut logs to a specific length less than 6 inches or greater than 12 inches?
    Yes, however the price will increase significantly, so please don't ask for this service in the busy winter season. Please contact for a quote first.
  • Will you cut my fallen tree into firewood logs for me to burn?
    Yes! Please contact me for a quote. We have the technology!
  • I have an old overgrown hardwood hedge at the bottom of my garden, can you restore it?"
    Yes! Please contact me for a quote to lay your hedge thereby restoring it to its former glory.
  • Can you deliver logs in the snow?
    Yes, I have a 40 year old Land Rover !
  • How often will you mow my lawn?
    I estimate about 10 cuts per year, about once a week in peak season, slowing to once a month in hot weather.
  • Can you plant a hedge for me?
    Yes! Please contact me for a quote visiting you on site to discuss requirements, species, and soil type.
  • What tools and materials do you use for hedgelaying?
    We use billhook, broad-axe, slasher, short spade and chainsaw.
  • Will you deliver bags of kindling?
    Yes, even though your delivered wood is ready to burn I will deliver a bag of kindling if requested.
  • Why is there a delivery charge?
    I am happy to deliver free within 10 miles of Churt Surrey but find it necessary to charge £2 per mile for any distance greater than that.
  • Will you deliver firelighters?
    Yes, for a small charge I can deliver with a log order if requested.
  • Are you insured for tree surgery?
    Yes, thank you.
  • Will you stack my logs?
    Please order a stacking service.
  • My garden or drive is not easily accessible for a log delivery. Can you still deliver?
    Probably Yes, please discuss access arrangements with me.
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