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Garden hedges beautifully cut.  Be the pride of your street.  Straight sharp edges or curvy corners.  Whatever you desire.  All clippings removed.

Also offered is a hedge restoration service.  Whether you have a one thousand year old village or parish boundary hedge or a an eighteenth century agricultural hedge these two historic hardwood broadleaf hedges can be restored to their former glory.  The process involves cutting the long hedge stems and laying them into the hedge line whilst reinforcing them with hazel posts bound with hazel ethers.  The hedge will then grow from the stem's base and also the laid stem itself. This is traditionally undertaken in winter after the sap has fallen and before bird nesting season when the sap starts to rise.  The effect is a stunningly beautiful form of hedge architecture which is strong and stock proof as the hedge grows out and matures.

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Hamshire, Surrey, West Sussex covered.

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